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TAMO Smoothie Layers

Strawberry  Pina Colada  Watermelon  Mango  Blue Raspberry  Pineapple   Kiwi     Peach     Banana     Lemonade     Wildberry     Passion Fruit    Grape

*all TAMO Smoothies are served with fresh fruit on top:   pineapple, strawberries, blueberries

TAMO Smoothies are available for parties*, deliveries and special events


​Child Size       9 ounce      $5.50

​Medium         16 ounce      $7.50

​Large             24 ounce      $9.50

​ TAMO           32 ounce     $12.50

​ dry ice, set up, service, clean up and delivery extra

​one hour service time included per 100 cups ordered, 

​$50/hour or fraction of an hour for any additional time

​*add $25 for weekend parties